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Your Path to CIM

                          Everyone’s schedule, learning style, and preferences are different.
                        That’s why there’s multiple ways for you to earn your CIM certification!

                                  If you need

                                                                             Live Online Course

             Need a balance between the flexiblity of the online program and the focus of 3 Days to
            CIM? Our Live Online Course meets every other week to ensure you’re regularly working
           towards earning your certification. A moderator will be online to clarify content, assist with
           technical issues, and keep you accountable for reaching your CIM goal in a timely manner.
             Sign up for the online program to attend any meetings you can, working on whichever
                 module you’re on. There is no cost to take part in these guided online sessions.

          CIM Live Online can be altered to fit your schedule. Call the FCICA office for more information: 248.661.5015.

                          If you need                                           If you need
             FLEXIBILITY                                                   FOCUS

          Take the CIM program as it was originally              Our in-person offering, 3 Days to CIM is

          designed: online, on your schedule. Have              designed to get you through the program
         an unexpectedly hectic couple months? Not             as quickly as possible. With breakfasts and
           a problem. End up with a free afternoon               lunches provided, a quiet classroom for
        somehow? Blaze through three modules in a             testing your knowledge, and opportunities to
        row! The pacing and schedule are completely            network with other self-motivated industry
       up to you. The classic CIM program allows you           professionals, 3 Days to CIM allows you to
        to earn your certification on your own terms.        concentrate on earning your CIM certification.

             For more information and to sign up, go to        3 Days to CIM takes place four times a year in major
                            cities around the US. For more info and upcoming
                                                                                dates, go to
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