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Before considering an installation not using the manufacturer   requirements doesn’t always result in warranties being completely
        recommended spread rate, check with the adhesive manufacturer   void, but it’s good to talk with manufacturers about how you intend
        about what affect applying the adhesive at such an extended spread   to use the product. If the main reason for switching to a PSA style
        rate would have on the warranty. Also check to see if the warranty   adhesive intended specifically for Luxury Vinyl is to attain a warranty,
        could become automatically void because the recommended trowel or   then it would be a good idea to find out upfront what the impact on
        spread rate specified by the manufacturer was followed.  the warranty will be based on the adhesive being applied outside of
           Utilizing flooring products in a way that doesn’t technically meet   the adhesive manufacturer’s recommended spread rate. Not following
        the manufacturer’s warranty requirements has been around forever   the recommendation could leave you before the adhesive changeover
        in the flooring industry and will continue. Going outside of warranty   with a limited warranty or no warranty at all. 


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             Exciting updates made                          New Features for Measure Desktop
             to the leading flooring
             estimation software!                                   Auto-Takeoff Tool Enhancements
                                                                    This tool has undergone massive refinements to make
                                                                    it more powerful and intuitive. Click a room in an
                                                                    imported blueprint and Measure fills it in for you. It also
                                                                    detects doorways and places transitions as needed.

                                                                    Modeless Product List, Layout and
                                                                    Worksheet Screens
                                                                    These screens can now be open while an estimator
                                                                    works on the drawing.

                                                                    Update to 64-bit
                                                                    Moving Measure to a 64-bit architecture enables us to
                                                                    better utilize all of a workstation’s resources.

                                                                    Improvements to Blueprint Importing
                                                                    The process has been streamlined by allowing users to
                                                                    scale, straighten and crop each page of a PDF as part of
                                                                    the import interface itself.

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